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Bon Bons and Martinis

Okay.  So I’ve named the blog “Bon Bons and Martinis” and the truth is, I don’t know what a Bon Bon is and I don’t particularly like Martinis.

First thing’s first.  Apparently I’m incredibly uninformed, because according to Wiki (get off my back–I’m a busy lil housegirlfriend), it’s spelled bonbon:  “The name bonbon (or bon-bon) stems from the French word bon, literally meaning “good”. In modern usage, the term “bonbon” usually refers to several types of sweets and other table centerpieces across the world.”

Good good.  Bonbons…so they’re good things, which is good.  I guess good things come with being a housewife?

Now, martinis.  I know what they are.  But I’d much rather have tequila or rum than vodka.  And I’m just not good at drinking out of martini glasses.  At a barbecue at my friends’ house in Wilmington, I drank wine out of a martini glass and successfully spilled it down the front of me.  Red wine.  🙂  But I got that stain out.

So what’s the link between bonbons and martinis and housewives?  Here’s one idea from

The Early Years: The bon bon took off immediately. In fact, within two years, the bon bon was at the top of the delicious charts. They were ravenously consumed by housewives, divas, and goddesses everywhere until they almost went into extinction in the 1600s. Fortunately, they made a comeback in the late 1700’s when Marie-Antoinettte said of the French peasants: “Let them eat cake!” The French were so incensed they refused to eat cake and started eating bon bons in abundance. The literal translation of “bon bon” from French is “goody goody”. Need we say more?

Here’s what I say:   They spelled it my way.  I win.  Screw you, Wiki.

Now martinis?  I’m assuming it’s because it’s hard to drink out of the glass.  I’ll do some research.  With a vacuum.

This is short because there isn’t a lot happening.  I will talk about gender stereotypes next time based on some of the comments.

PS, it’s super hard to type on a laptop with acrylic nails.


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