Garters and Bouquets?

28 Jul


This past weekend Mike and I drove to Ohio.  My friend Ashley was getting married.  It was 90 degrees.  Thunderstorms threatened the horizon all morning.  The service was beautiful.

Ashley and Jake had their wedding in Spiegel Grove, which is where President Hayes’ house is, and where he is buried, and where all the most beautiful trees are in Fremont.  It’s a place where everyone takes their prom pictures, where weddings that don’t take place there have photo shoots, and where you can feed squirrels seeds, peanuts, and corn from the palm of your hand.  It’s a sweet little place.

And in an array of lemon yellows and lime greens, Ashley married Jake.  It was so gorgeous.

At the reception, they even had lime beer.  🙂  Chilada style.

And for the record, I caught the bouquet.  And Mike caught the garter.  And all night in my head, I planned my own wedding.  To him.  And I say this only because I know he doesn’t read my blog.

Truth is, I’m waiting patiently to move from housegirlfriend to housewife.  Maybe not so patiently.

More on this later.

Coffee and tiny beauty queens.  Bring it on.

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