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Soc. and Sociability

The title was clever in my head…playing off of Sense and Sensibility, but it doesn’t quite work for the root word of social.

Day 2:  Something You Love About Yourself

I could say my hair, as I’ve just gotten my hair done, and it’s wicked cute.  But I don’t think that’s the point of this.  I love my social skills.  I don’t think I’ve encountered a person yet that I couldn’t talk to, and I haven’t been in a situation where I felt so uncomfortable that I couldn’t talk my way out of it.  I have the ability to adapt to new places and new settings.

Because of this, I make friends relatively easily, which helps when I move to a new place, start a new job, or need someone to buy me a drink in a bar.  😉  When I moved to Wilmington, NC for grad school, I didn’t know a soul.  But I found people–some of the best people in the world.  People that I don’t even know what I would do without them now.

Oh talking.

Talking got me together with Mike.  If I hadn’t just approached him in our neighborhood in North Carolina, we would have never fallen in love.

Talking got me through college at Ashland, and at UNCW.

Talking on the page got me two degrees.

Talking got me out of trouble.

Talking got me in trouble.

But mostly, I think talking has brought wonderful people into my life, and has allowed me to get to know them on so many different levels.


Oh thank you social skills!


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