14 Nov

Day 05–Something you hope to do in your life.

What I hope to do in my life…

I want a family.  I feel like I can’t say this better than Rachael, and my blog title obviously explains my feelings toward housewifery.  I want a family.  I want kids.  I want a husband.  White picket fence.  Nice house.  The works, ya know?

I hope to go to Alaska.  I hope to climb a mountain.  I hope to see Greece.  I don’t know.  None of these things as much as I want a family.  I want to share my husband’s last name and raise my children based on everything I’ve been learning from those raising children around me. I want it so badly sometimes, that I’m afraid I’m jinxing myself, that it will be the one thing I can’t have.

I just pray that I’m a Fertile Myrtle like my momma says I am to calm my fears.  I can think of no greater happiness than having a family of my own.

No other way to put it.  I’m ready.



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2 responses to “Babies

  1. Jenny P.

    November 15, 2010 at 1:30 am

    I WANT MY KIDS TO PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS! yes? and we can all climb mountains in greece together 🙂

  2. Rebecca Germain

    November 15, 2010 at 9:45 am

    If you think you want to go to Alaska or Greece or maybe even climb a mountain, I’d probably go ahead and do that now before the kid thing. Not that it’s impossible with kids, but it certainly wouldn’t be as easy or simple.

    I totally “get” the whole want a family thing. I’ve been there too, obviously. That said, it wasn’t until after I had Luke that I truly realized that my days of simply going out and getting what I wanted were over. First, I have to find Luke a babysitter or see if Daddy’s free and then, once he’s been accounted for, I can go practice my moutain climbing. 🙂 Still get to do it…but again, not so easy or simple or….spontaneous.


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