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Playing the Blame Game: Jury Duty

Day 06 → Something you hope you never have to do.

This is exceptionally tough.  Something I hope I never have to do?  There are a million things.

I hope I never have to bury my children.

I hope I never have to witness a murder.

I hope I never have to serve on a jury…I think I can expand on this one.  I never want to decide someone’s fate.  I can decide where I want to go out to dinner, and what kind of wine I want.  I can choose to buy the red shirt over the blue one, and I can choose what I do on a daily basis.  But I hate hate hate when my decisions affect other people.  Because of this, I hope that I never have to serve on a jury.  I know it’s a fair and proven way to decide the fate of a case, but what if it’s something huge?  What if my vote sends someone to the electric chair?  What if my vote takes a daddy away from his kids?  I can’t have that weighing on my shoulders.  I don’t want to decide if someone is guilty.  And I don’t want to let a guilty person run innocently away from everything he has done without punishment.  It’s a rough place to be in.

When you’re little, you play the blame game.  You break Mom’s vase, blame it on your little brother.  Little brother gets his butt spanked and a time out for rough play.  Unjust.

But we fear punishment so much, that we’re willing to place blame on others.  Would the punishment be so bad?  Would we not, indeed, learn from it?

Part of this may stem from my belief that God is the one true judge.  There’s really no truth in earthly judgment.  It all depends on how God sees it.  I feel like I’m playing God if I judge.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I have my opinions.  I think certain things are wrong.  It pisses me off when kids are disrespectful to their parents.  I despise the little brats on Supernanny.  But I also see the mistakes the parents are making.  But who am I to deem them mistakes?  Every opinion I have is on the premise that my opinion matters only momentarily.  So when something as large and important as a court case happens, and I am involved in someone’s future, it freaks me out.

It could be like the OJ trial, where there are a billion different pieces of evidence, but unless you’re there, you’re not going to know the entire story.  There is always something missing.  And only the people involved and God know the something that is missing.

In a perfect world, we all take the blame for the wrongs we’ve done.  We decide we are guilty on our own terms, and accept pour punishment.  In a perfect world.

I’m starting to babble.  I don’t want to decide someone’s fate.  It’s not my place.  And we do NOT in fact, live in a perfect world.



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