Guilt-Free 3

18 Nov

Day # Whatever:  Who is in your Guilt-Free 3?

I first heard about this concept from John and Hank Green, the VlogBrothers on Youtube.   Watch this before you go any further…

Besides the facts that Helen Hunt is amazing, Hank did an entire song avoiding the C-word that rhymes with Hunt, and the song gets stuck in my head for days, there is an incredible concept brought to the table.

The Guilt-Free 3

First off, what the hell is it?  The Guilt-Free 3 is a group of three celebrities (in any realm) that you may have a purely physical encounter with and your significant other must forgive you.

I’ll tell you, first, who is in my Guilt-Free 3, and then explain the intricate details of how the situation works (it will be rated PG, you sickos.)

Currently, my Guilt-Free 3 includes:

Josh Holloway–more commonly known as Sawyer from LOST.

Geoff Stults–October Road and the short-lived Happy Town.

Travis Fimmel–CK model…and in a WB show called Tarzan for a minute.

I do not feel the need to explain my attraction to these men.  But today, these are my Guilt-Free 3.

Now for the example:  If I happen to run into Josh Holloway, whether it be on an island, or his car happens to break down in front of my apartment, and his cell phone is dead, and I just happen to be walking by, I am entitled to do whatever I want with him…as long as I don’t get emotionally involved.  The beauty of the Guilt-Free 3 is that there is no guilt.  So you can have a primal encounter with these men, and not feel bad about it.

And Mike would have to forgive me.


So I ask you now.  Who is in your Guilt-Free 3?



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