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Obsession: The Lost Art

‘Like OMG, the BSB were on the AMAs and OMG DID YOU SEE THEM!?”

At one point, I would have spoken like this and not thought a thing about it.

It seems that obsession is expected of you when you’re in junior high and high school.  But once you graduate, damnit, the only thing you better be obsessed about is being an adult.  I think that’s crap.

Don’t you remember the complete and utter joy of having something you loved so much?  I don’t remember EVER being bored as long as the Backstreet Boys were around.  I spent time between classes writing stories in a weathered notebook to my friend, Caitie (who was also obsessed).  We watched TRL on the phone together every day after school so we could see if the Backstreet Boys had come in at #1 to pound their rival N*Sync into the ground.  My walls were plastered.  I spent thousands in junk I’ll never use again.

But I had fun.

Now it seems that the only thing you can get obsessed with is sports…which I understand.  But it’s the same concept.  You have something to look forward to, to talk to people about at the water cooler, to rejoice in and to mourn.  It’s something to preoccupy you that you enjoy.  We just don’t have that anymore.

This is why I still get silly and obsess over things.  I miss that joy.  I miss collecting things.  I miss looking forward to seeing the BSB on TV, or that rush I felt when Caitie and I first bought tickets to a show.

And to be able to trick yourself into thinking that someday, you’d actually meet Nick and Brian, and that they would fall madly in love with you, and that they’d whisk you away to Florida or Kentucky and give you the life you always dreamt about.

Maybe it’s because we lose our innocence.  But isn’t it still fun to dream?  I think adults ought to make a point to be obsessed with more things.  I really do.

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