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Hey there, Delilah!

So this is Delilah.  She is a 2011 Subaru Forester 2.5X Limited…and I bought her.  And I love her.

With big purchases, though, comes a sickness.  It’s not an addiction to new things, or better things.  It’s a sickness that settles deep in your stomach, makes you wake up in the middle of the night with your heart pounding.  It makes you afraid.

Let me set up my situation for you…

I’m DAMN lucky to have this job.  And it’s a job I love and that I look forward to going to every day.  And it’s a job that pays me better than I EVER would have expected for my first real job.  So understand, please, that I am stable here.

Now, I live alone in an apartment complex (not ideal, but good).  I have incredible parents that still pay my cell bill (awesome, I know) and who happen to “want a newer model” of something so that they can give my brother or me the old one (so we don’t have to buy it).  Hence, my microwave…dishes…silverware…etc.

And I’m doing really well.

Now, Leon the Neon was dying quickly.  And she’s been a good car, but I’ve always resented her.  You see, my ex-boyfriend when I was 18 pushed me hard to get a Dodge…and only a Dodge…and he made it seem like he may not love me anymore if I did anything else.  First clue to run, right?  Nope.  I bought that Dodge–a Neon because it was the only thing I could afford.

But she had electrical problems (it’s still a she, even if her name was Leon), and the shifting was getting rough…and there was something with the radiator back in NC.  And she is 7 years old with 89,000 miles on her.  For the past three years, she’s been driven hard from Ohio to North Carolina to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between.  I couldn’t expect her to last much longer.

So after a GREAT Thanksgiving with Mike and my family, I bought Delilah on Black Friday (good sales across the board!) and Mike and I went to the Browns game on Sunday.

In fact, here we are.  And we had a blast.  My company CEO is kind enough to have 8 season tickets in the Dawg Pound for Cleveland Browns home games, and I got to take Mike.  We sat with co-workers and had a great time.

And I have to tell you that the sickness set in soon after that.  In more ways than one.  First off, I felt feverish as hell, so we stopped and bought some Motrin and Vitamin C.

Second, I looked at my student loan bills.  BIG mistake.  They say you’re never prepared for anything financially unless you’re Bruce Willis.

And no matter how many times my mother so kindly breaks down my monthly earnings as opposed to my monthly bills for me, my stomach still flipflops.  I can say 100 times that I wouldn’t have bought Delilah if I’d thought this through, but that’s a lie.  For the next 20 years, my student loans own my soul.  And Leon wouldn’t have lasted 20 years.

So this Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I have a job that allows me to pay said student loans, live on my own, and drive my dream car.  And I am thankful that I have a CEO who hands out Browns tickets like they’re candy.  For my Columbia jacket which kept me SUPER warm.  For my Dad who scares car salesmen into giving me the right price.  For my mom who will run the numbers as many times as I need her to in order to kill the feeling in my stomach.  For Mike, who hasn’t killed me yet, and who got me Motrin.  To all of you.  I love you.


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