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Fear Not, the Snow Will Come


This is my first full winter in the North since 2006.  From 2007-2009, I was in North Carolina except for some time at Christmas.  And let me tell you–I missed my Northern winters.  I may be biting my tongue mid-January when roads are impassable…and I may be eating my words when winter dips deep into March, and grazes the beginning of April with a final snowfall, but right now, I LOVE THIS.

Snow has been falling since early this morning, and they’re calling for it all week.  It’s not the kind of snow that’s sticking much–after all, it’s been 50 degrees for a week–but it’s snowing!

In Pathetic News:

I need to go to the grocery store.  I went home for lunch, pulled a sleeve of Saltines from the cupboard, a hot dog that Mike left from the fridge, and a Kraft single of American…and I made Hot Dog Cheese Saltines.  I.  Am.  Pathetic.

Forget not that it is snowing.

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