The Perfect Place

15 Dec

Is it possible?  A perfect place?  It seems to me that there are a lot of perfect places around–and not necessarily all of them have to do with the actual place.  But some do.  So I’ve made a list of perfect places I’ve experienced or think I know about in the following categories:  Geographic, Made for TV/Movies, and States of Being.

Perfect Places–Geographic

-Mull Covered Bridge-Ballville Township, Ohio:

I’ve been to this bridge a lot.  There is always an astounding sense of peace here.  It’s incredible…and impassable by vehicle.  Mull Covered Bridge dead-ends into someone’s backyard.  Literally.  You can walk through it, and under it (oh, believe me, I have) and even climb the concrete blocks beneath it (yep), but you cannot drive a vehicle over the bridge.  It’s kind of a shame…but it’s all in the name of preservation.This bridge appears at the end of my graduate thesis titled Leaving Winesburg as a metaphor about how hard it is to leave a dead-end place…but also how beautiful it can be.  To me, this place is perfection.  There’s no way around it.


-The Prairies of Kansas:

Granted I’ve never been there.  But I’m sorry, what’s not beautiful about this?  Wide skies, sprawling land, the long grass moving with the slightest wind.  It’s GORGEOUS.  I may be romanticizing it.  I may be living in a Dixie Chicks song.  But those “Wide Open Spaces” certainly seem to be pretty darn wonderful.  Fields of wheat.  Blue skies.  That’s America, baby! Maybe it’s the way I assume the people of this place live.  Maybe it’s the way I long to look into the sky and see nothing but sky.  Maybe it’s the vastness of it all.  Truthfully, I think sometimes, I just need to feel small to put things in perspective.




Again, I’ve never been here.  But it seems at the most very basic to contain everything that is beautiful.  It’s a perfect mix of green and mountain, sky and water.  It’s just got it all.






Perfect Places-Made for TV/Movies

-October Road:  Knight’s Ridge, MA:

Who doesn’t want a town that’s perpetually beautiful and sunny and picturesque?  Who doesn’t want to see someone you know around every corner?  I just know I love that small town familiarity, and I love that the quarterback can date the barmaid.  Oh…and I love that Eddie Latekka is in this picture.  🙂  Thank God for Geoff Stults.  And this is really the only place I’ve ever seen in a movie or on TV that I would live to live.  It’s just too perfect.




Perfect Places:  States of Being


Childhood.  It was always perfect.  All you had to do was wake up on a summer day, eat a bowl of cereal, and the world was yours.  Playing tag, catching fireflies, dancing for no reason at all.  That’s what childhood is all about.  I think that’s a perfect state of being.






It’s an odd thing, but obsession creates a euphoric happiness.  It truly does.  In that world, you can totally marry Nick Carter or Justin Bieber (watch this video!  You’ll understand).  But seriously, I used to be obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, and I’m not kidding–that brought me more happiness than a lot of things.  It filled my days with whimsies and love and romance–although fake and probably unhealthy–and happiness.  Really, watch the video.  I feel her pain.





When you’re in love, it seems as though things can’t go wrong.  I’m certainly not saying that things don’t go wrong, but there are times when you look at that other person and think, “Man, this is just as good as it gets.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.”  Ask Sarah Evans.  Ask Edwin McCain.

I’m pretty good with these.  I’m happy they exist.

What’s your perfect “place?”


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5 responses to “The Perfect Place

  1. Rachael

    December 20, 2010 at 11:02 am

    Oh Montana. I love Montana. I went there with Matthew once, and it was October and snowing and grey, but it was magic. Pure love. And the historical society museum in Helena is very, very informative.


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