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First Year Without a Christmas Tree

Christmas is only 4 days away.  I’m really really excited.  But this is an odd Christmas for me.

1)  It’s the first Christmas in which I haven’t had a break from school.

2)  It’s the first Christmas where Mike’s family’s Christmas was a week before my family’s, hence creating more time to spend together.

3)  It’s the first Christmas that I’ve had a job–and therefore money to spend on gifts.

4)  It’s the first Christmas in which I have not had a tree.

Of course I miss the break, and I am looking forward to not rushing around on Christmas Day or spending it at the window waiting for Mike.  I really enjoyed buying gifts for my family, and it’s actually really exciting to work up until Christmas break.  It makes it so much more exciting when you’re not just bumbling around the house looking for something to waste time with until Christmas arrives.

But it does bother me that I don’t have a Christmas tree.  Mike’s sister-in-law gave me a shiny gold owl ornament, and I really have nowhere to put it.  No room at all.  Well, some room, but not enough for anything more than a tabletop tree.  And the thing is that Mike and I started buying ornaments for each other and they’re all on Mike’s tree.  And with no tree, I have no lights…and no lights outside because I live in an apartment.  This is to say that there is nothing Christmasy happening in my apartment.  It’s really sad.

But only one more day of work after this.  And then my mom and brother are coming to do some Christmas shopping.  Mike will come the next night while I’m at the Christmas party for work.  And then we’ll drive back to Fremont where we’ll wrap the rest of the Christmas presents.  On the way to Midnight Mass at Sacred Heart, my dad will quote Cheech and Chong, “How you get the reindeer off the ground, man?”  “Magic dust!”  And we’ll come home, hopefully have our annual shot of tequila, and go to bed.

This will be the first Christmas night I spend with my family AND with someone else.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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