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I had an incredible Christmas.  Truly.

Between Mike’s family and my own, I am so blessed.  I now have new dishes, wine glasses, local wine, DIAMOND EARRINGS (thanks baby!), a HUGE LL Bean bag, numerous cardinals, awesome clothes, a Lucky purse that I can fit my entire life in,  and so much more that I’m just not listing (so as not to seem materialistic).

It feels weird that it was over so quickly and now I’m back at work.  I never did this before.  I always had at least a month off around Christmas.  This year I got 2 days.  I’ll take it, though.

Because life goes–oh it goes–and my car insurance is due in December, along with my first car payment on Delilah, and rent and utilities and…yeah.  Everything.

So before I get sick to my stomach, I’ll say cheers.
Looking forward to a beautiful 2011!

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