Long Distance Run-Around

10 Jan

Thanks to Doug Hoover, an artist friend of mine who I met on a ferry to the OBX, and he painted me.

Since I’ve started dating, I’ve had one boyfriend that lived in the same town as me.  I dated Phill in high school, and we were together for almost 3 years.  I was a year older.  I went to college.  We fell apart.  Distance tore us apart…among some other things–like Phill really wanted to pursue his life as a youth minister for the Presbyterian church.  I wanted to experience college…and he wasn’t too keen on the drinking.  We really did grow apart, and we’re still civil, so that’s all that can be expected.

After that, I became obsessed with dating people from my hometown of Fremont, Ohio.  I felt dating outside of that town was a slap in the face to my parents, and to where I came from.

The boys I dated from there were okay for what they were while they lasted, but it took me awhile to realize that I didn’t belong in Fremont anymore.  So in North Carolina, I met Mike.  I thought my long-distance days were over, and that I would finally have a man in the same town.  We relished every night together…and then he told me that his company may close down, which would mean his job was history.

A month after we officially started dating, Mike moved to Pennsylvania–11 hours away from me.  Welcome back, Long Distance.  I thought I’d be okay with it.  I mean, it’s all I’d ever known.  I survived grad school, moved to him where we were together for about five months, and then distance again.  I took the job in Ohio, and Mike can’t get here yet.

So we see each other on the weekends, which means that we attempt to make the best of those days because they’re all we have.  But that also meant we didn’t fight…until this weekend.

It sucks to waste what little time we have together fighting, but I realize that we have to do it to learn each other…and to bring us closer together.  I feel like this time, it did.  But I’m not going to see him this weekend because he’s going to watch the NFL playoffs with his family, and I’m going to my cousin’s baby’s birthday party.  So we had a weekend of fights leading into two weeks apart.

This distance is taking its toll…and I’m not appreciative.  Mike and I will kick your ass, Long Distance.  We will kick you so far away that you won’t ever be able to find your way back to us.

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