Upon Finally Watching “Into the Wild”

17 Jan

I finally watched INTO THE WILD.  I’ve avoided it long enough.  I knew it would scare me.  I knew it would make me angry.

And I knew that I’d wish to be as insightful as Supertramp.

So here are my insights of the weekend:

•  When you choose to be alone, you should expect loneliness.

•  When a lonely old man asks you to be part of his family, you say yes.

•  Happiness is only real when shared (I do believe I’m quoting Supertramp).

•  When  it comes down to it, your family is your family.  Do what you can to make peace.

•  Appreciate all life, particularly new life, even though it often resembles a peanut in its first portrait.  (Congrats on the buns in your ovens, Heidi and Heather!)

•  Let kids be kids.

•  Even if you’re an adult, act like a kid once in awhile.

I don’t know what it is about that movie.  Maybe it hits me this way because of the happenings of my life in this current moment.  Mike came to Ohio and we started watching it Friday night into Saturday morning.  Then we took off to go to Fremont to watch the play-offs (again, I don’t have cable).  We drove separately, as Mike had to be back in PA Sunday morning, and I had a party to go to in Shelby.  So as soon as I got into my car…I started bawling.

I’d held back during the movie, ever since the scene where the old man asks McCandless if he can adopt him.  I cannot handle sad lonely old men.  It’s not in me.  It’s truly a weak point (hence insight #2).  All he had to do was say yes.  That’s it.  He didn’t even have to mean it.  And he’s so upset about how people treat each other, yet he hurts everyone he encounters.  But I guess it was all about truth to him:

“Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness… give me truth.”

He seems hypocritical.  I don’t know.

More than anything, Christopher McCandless leaves me unsettled.  I can’t grasp his rationale.  It makes me nervous to talk about him, as I know he has a ridiculously loyal following.

If you can explain it to me, feel free.

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