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Okay I Give Up…

How the heck do you make friends once you’re out of college!?

Think about this:

In college, you were forced into dorms, common eating areas, classes.  It was easy to find people like you.

But now, out of college…shit got weird.  In Franklin, Mike and I had no real “friends” besides his Deputy friend who came over occasionally, and this super creepy guy named George who was obsessed with getting Mike to kayak down the Allegheny with him.  People at the bars already had their cliques.  People at restaurants don’t talk.  People at Sheetz were stoned.

And now that I’m in Brunswick, I’m running into the same problem…only solo.

I do believe I’ve made friends at work, but at the end of the day, they go home to their families, eat dinner with their spouses, tuck their children into bed. I’m not there yet. So this leaves little room for, “Hey, let’s go get a beer after work.”

Last night I went and read COOP at Starbucks for just under two hours.  One person between the ages of 16 and 50 walked in.  Everyone else was, well, a child or a mature mature adult. Perhaps another coffee house is the answer?  I’ve located one.  I intend on going there next week.

But I’ve thought of other places–and reasons not to try them.  Here’s the list:

Bars: Okay, I love to drink as much as the next lush…but when you’re a 25-year-old girl walking into a bar by yourself, call me old-fashioned but I think you’re asking for trouble.  That is not to say that it isn’t okay to go sit at a bar like, say, Applebee’s or Chili’s, as the restaurant atmosphere is much less threatening.  Plus, I’m just not sure how Mike would feel about it.

The Gym: First off, I DO NOT like to work out in front of people.  I pretty much just won’t do it.  I have no problem walking/running on the streets…but the people that see me are momentary.  I pass their house.  They pass me in a car.  Then it’s over.  End of transaction.  Not so with the gym.  You’re stuck on a track running in circles, in a class where someone is staring at your ass every time you bend over, or on an elliptical machine or the like where all can see you bounce.  No thanks.  And I don’t want to meet friends at the gym because I don’t want the basis of our relationship to be, “Yeah, let’s get sweaty together.”

Social Events: This would work…but it is winter.  And there are none.  I will reserve it for the spring.

And that’s it…I have no other ideas.  I follow folks on Twitter from around the area.  Perhaps there’s something in that.

A book club?

SERIOUSLY.  Where are you 20-somethings?!?!


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