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When my little brother, Jason turned 16, he got his license.  When he returned, I told him to get into the car and take me for a ride.  We weren’t going for a just a ride, though.  I wanted him to take me to get a tattoo.

I was 19 at the time, and I’d decided that I would forever be a rockstar, so I chose to have the outline of a star with a scripted ‘rock’ in the middle.  I got it in Fremont, Ohio where my good friend had just gotten hers, and lying on my stomach, Jason watched me get my tattoo.

My mother, in her all-knowing motherness, knew that something had happened that she did not approve of, and she ripped up the back of my shirt to reveal my tramp stamp (yes folks, I said it, and I admit to it.  I have a tramp stamp).  She yelled, then refused to talk to me, then I won her over in the end.

But people kept saying that the scripted rock in the middle was too close to the edge of the star.  That it looked like “rocky.”  That couldn’t be had.  I had recently begun hanging out at Lucky Luke’s Tattoo Parlor (also in Fremont) and thought that maybe he could fix it–make it so it didn’t look like “rocky.”  He said he could, and sketched up what appears below.

The original tattoo was merely the middle star, just an outline with rock in the middle.  As you can see, I added more…a lot more…which induced another ’bout of yelling and then silence from my mother.

I was incredibly proud of the tattoo…and then embarrassed, and then regretful.  In the end, I only regret its location.  I got a tramp stamp.  I don’t regret the actual tattoo, as I’ve always had the heart of a rockstar (shut up, you, I’ll tell myself what I need to go get by).

But if you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, you know the itch. You know what it’s like to want another…and another…and another.

I’ve avoided this desire thus far.



My second year of grad school, Jenny and I decided that while we were out in Colorado (see Jenny’s link if you’re confused), we would get the same tattoo.  Something along the lines of this: 

That never happened…  Because I did not go.  But I still itch for it.










Instead, Jenny and I both wear this necklace which I bought at LuLuBugJewelry’s site: 

But I still want that tattoo…


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