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Things That Men Should Do

Calm down, Feminists.  You do not have to agree with me.  And just because it’s on the list doesn’t meant that women can’t do it, too.  Got it?  So quit burning your bras and go bake a pie.

And you men who are breaking the mold/denying your forefathers/blah blah blah–check out this website.  In fact, all men should bookmark this website and keep it handy.  It’s called The Art of Manliness (and yes, I truly believe that manliness is an art–too close to becoming a lost art for my own comfort).

Robert Redford is a man’s man.  A manly man.  A darn sexy man.

Anyway, here’s the list of things that men should do:

1)  Pump the gas–if you’re with a woman, even if she’s driving her own car and paying for the gas, a man should step out and pump.

2)  Clean the snow off the car.

3)  Kill spiders/swipe high cobwebs/catch mice. And don’t chase us with them.

4)  Carve the turkey.

5)  Hold open doors.

6)  Slow dance–We know you hate it, but at least we’re not making you shake your asses in a circle with the rest of the girls.

7)  Read something once in awhile.

8)  Open tight jar lids.

9)  Fix the things we break.

10)  Hold our arm when it’s icy.

11)  Walk nearest the road–this is actually common chivalry.

12)  Let us warm our feet/hands/noses on you–face it.  You’re all veritable human heaters.  Share the warmth!

13)  Car maintenance, including washes.

14)  Put together furniture.

15)  Help out your friends–even if you don’t feel like it.

16)  Take out the trash.

17)  Wait for us outside the bathroom in public places–not right there, just somewhere nearby so we can find you upon exiting.

18)  Get down on one knee to propose.

19)  Call to say goodnight–if you’re away, this is a complete necessity.

20)  Watch a sappy movie once in awhile.

21)  Warm up the car.

22)  Always carry the bigger/heavier bag.

23)  Eat our leftovers if there isn’t enough to take home.

24)  Don’t be afraid to sweat.
I’m sure there are thousands more.  I’ll add them to the list as I think of them.

Have an awesome Thursday!


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