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I never knew what the hell a wonderwall was.  Aside from an amazing song.

I never really thought about it.

But I’ve come up with my own definition.

wonderwallnoun; an obstacle that you cannot overcome, and you spend hours wondering why you can’t overcome it.

I’ve got a lot of wonderwalls lately. For instance, I decided to give the gym a chance about a month ago.  I still haven’t signed up.

I’m also my own worst enemy when it comes to anxiety.  And apparently it weighs on those around me.

And I can’t get my point across so much lately.

These are my wonderwalls.  More fun tomorrow.

What’s your definition of wonderwall?

UPDATE:  According to another:  “A wall separating you from something on the other side, and you wonder what things would be like if you could just get to the other side…and maybe trying to climb up to the top just to get a glance at what’s over there, and trying to figure out if it’s really better than what’s on your side.”

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