Art That I Understand

25 Feb

I spent the past 7 years in an artsy community, where there were “openings” at galleries, and “readings” at galleries, bars, houses.  And I will not lie–I didn’t get it.  Anyone I went to undergrad or grad school knows that I did not do one reading of my own work until the thesis readings, which were required to graduate.  I will say that I enjoyed seeing and hearing the art that my colleagues and friends created, but I will say again, I didn’t always get it.

But I found something–someone–I get.

I get Natasha Wescoat.  I get her art.  I love her art.  She won me over with her “Jeweled Trees” series in 2004, right when I starting to my second year of college, and I was looking madly for art containing trees.  As soon as I saw her paintings, I wanted to live in them.

They were everything that I thought was beautiful.  They still are.  The colors, composition, content, everything is gorgeous to me.  Natasha does everything that keeps me interested in an artist.  I can recognize her work.  I look forward to the new things that she’s doing.  And every time I look at one of her paintings, I see something different.  She also streams her painting, and nothing against Bob Ross, but this is much more interesting.

I follow Natasha on twitter, and won a free print from here.  I chose this:

I’ve actually begun building my bedroom around this painting.  So thanks for that, Natasha.  🙂


Check her out at  She’s pretty amazing.

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