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People On Facebook I Wish I Was Like

I’m not quite who I want to be yet.  I’m darn close, but I’m not who I want to be.  And as I was looking at Facebook tonight, I was thinking about the things I wish I could be from each of my friends.

So mini-tributes to my lovely people who I aspire to be like (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER–AND IF YOU’RE NOT IN HERE, DO NOT BE OFFENDED.  I’M SAVING YOU FOR THE NEXT ROUND).  (PS, if it’s something silly, it’s probably because you’re an old friend, and chances are, I’ve already grown and learned from you.  I love you!)

1)  I want Jenny’s spirit.

2)  I want Kay’s alcohol tolerance.

3)  I want Barb’s…middle finger?  Ha ha

4)  I want Rachey’s climbing abilities.

5)  I want Monica’s strength.

6)  I want Lacey’s desire to see and understand the world.

7)  I want Harden’s ability to understand and make peace with life.

8)  I want Heidi’s snappy ass comebacks.

8)  I want Brittany’s tie to the social scene!

9)  I want Shelley’s ability to forgive.

10)  I want Hope’s ability to giggle…about EVERYTHING.

11)  I want Jessica’s hopefulness.

12)  I want Jena’s ability to turn everything into a party.

13)  I want Leta’s ability to dance in the proverbial rain.

14)  I want Aimee’s musical ability, and her laugh.

I have awesome friends.  LOVE YOU ALL!


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Losing My Cool

I don’t normally get too upset about things.  Sure, I get anxious, and pissy.  But not raging mad.

Well now I’m bordering on raging mad.



I cracked my windshield driving in PA–a semi threw a rock up.

I called Insurance Company, and they said it would be taken care of without cost to me.  Awesome.  SUPER HAPPY FACE.

Company X comes to my work, replaces the window.  I am thrilled with the convenience.

Upon moving my car after he was done, I noticed the interior or my car was badly scuffed.  I told the man who replaced my windshield.  He said, “I didn’t do that.”  Bordering on raging.

I call the man’s manager and complain (kindly, because after all, it was not the manager’s fault).  He comes to look at it.  I am thrilled with the convenience.  He says to get some estimates, that it will be paid for.

So I go to get the estimate on the interior ($424) and my parents have to come to take my car during business hours to the body shop for the damage to the paint, which will cost over $600.

I’m sorry, but they better pay for this.  And they better not let incompetent people change windshields anymore.

Now I have to find a time to take my car to get it fixed, and I also have to wait until they get back to me on ordering the parts for the interior.  Which means a lot of driving around to get stuff fixed, for something that I kept my cool about in the beginning.

Incompetency pisses me off.


Good day.

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