Losing My Cool

28 Feb

I don’t normally get too upset about things.  Sure, I get anxious, and pissy.  But not raging mad.

Well now I’m bordering on raging mad.



I cracked my windshield driving in PA–a semi threw a rock up.

I called Insurance Company, and they said it would be taken care of without cost to me.  Awesome.  SUPER HAPPY FACE.

Company X comes to my work, replaces the window.  I am thrilled with the convenience.

Upon moving my car after he was done, I noticed the interior or my car was badly scuffed.  I told the man who replaced my windshield.  He said, “I didn’t do that.”  Bordering on raging.

I call the man’s manager and complain (kindly, because after all, it was not the manager’s fault).  He comes to look at it.  I am thrilled with the convenience.  He says to get some estimates, that it will be paid for.

So I go to get the estimate on the interior ($424) and my parents have to come to take my car during business hours to the body shop for the damage to the paint, which will cost over $600.

I’m sorry, but they better pay for this.  And they better not let incompetent people change windshields anymore.

Now I have to find a time to take my car to get it fixed, and I also have to wait until they get back to me on ordering the parts for the interior.  Which means a lot of driving around to get stuff fixed, for something that I kept my cool about in the beginning.

Incompetency pisses me off.


Good day.

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