The Best Weather Day

02 Mar

I love weather.  LOVE it.  And like most, I am wildly affected by the weather.

Part of what I love about Ohio is that the weather changes.  Every season change is a relief.  The heat of summer relieved by crisp fall days.  The brown of fall covered by the crisp whiteness of winter.  The cold and slushy winter broken through by spring flowers.  The soggy spring relieved by heat and freedom.

But while I like the change, I do have favorite types of weather–favorite types of weather days.

So here’s the one of the best types of day:

Summer time.  Saturday.  Wake up around 7am and the sun is streaming through the windows already.  It’s about 60 degrees and not humid just yet.  It’s the perfect time to go for a run.

By the time you get home, the thermometer is pushing 75, and you think, “Why shower?  I’ll just jump in the pool.”  And all day, you spent sweating in the 80 degree weather by a pool under a blue sky, punctuated by a few clouds just big enough for a little relief from the sun.

Around 6pm, dark clouds start building on the horizon. You’ve got a nice bronze/red color to your skin, and the salty sweat from your morning run has turned into the salty sweat from sunbathing.  With the rise of the clouds comes the tickle of wind.  And even though the wind is warm, it still chills your sun-warmed body, and you dart inside to shower before the lightning starts.

And when you’re all clean, your skin still tight from the sun and a loose nightgown flowing around your body, you go outside and sit on the porch, watch the clouds roll in and look for that first lightning strike before everything lets loose.  The storm is severe, but you do not fear a tornado.  You’ve seen this before.

And then the stars come out at the end of the night, and it’s cool enough to keep your windows open.  The smell of rain is all through the house, and a slight wind pushes your curtains mystically as you fall asleep.

I’m ready for one of those days…

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Posted by on March 2, 2011 in Daily Happenings


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One response to “The Best Weather Day

  1. Erin Seabolt Bond

    March 3, 2011 at 1:24 pm

    ME TOO. (Sorry, did I shout?) I am ready for it to get so hot all I can do is complain about it. And sand from the beach and natural highlights in my hair and skin a slightly browner shade of pale and grilling food outside and flip flops. Ready, ready, ready.


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