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Getting My Fur Done

So this is my new “fur” and  I like it a lot–so for one of the first times since I graduated, I took emo pictures of myself in my kitchen before work.  🙂

You’re wondering why the hell I’m calling it “fur,” right?  Well, I’m going to go ahead and blame this one of my father–who taught me to speak in the oddest accent/dialect/language that I’ve ever heard.

Just to give you few examples:

Otter-water. As in-As my father and I drove over the Sandusky River after a heavy rain, he looked at me and said, “Otter high!”

Fur-hair. As in-Hugging my father often resulted in him sneezing and saying, “Get your fur outta my face.”

Pawdles-hands. As in-Upon playing in the dirt and digging to China, my mother called us in for dinner, and my father said, “Wash your pawdles.”

Doogs and Poopies-dogs and puppies. As in-“Hey, Hoot.  That doog just had poopies.”

Noonles-noodles. As in-“You want noonles or rice?”

There are more, but I cannot remember them.  For now, thank you Daddy for teaching me to call it fur.  And then you Amanda for making it pretty!

Happy Friday!



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