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Long Distance Runaround

Me in the foreground. Loretta, Jenny, and Amy in the back.

I’m so excited right now! I just bought this painting from Douglas Hoover.  And it’s such a good story–our friendship.

When I was in grad school in North Carolina, my darling Carmen decided it would be a good idea to go to the Outerbanks.  And it was–oh it as.  The ride there was awesome–two cars and two ferries, a lot of beer, a lot of laughing.  A lot of seagulls…

All of us--after eating a HUGE meal.

Here we all are.  Jenny looks as though she may hurl.  I think we’d just gotten done stuffing ourselves full at a breakfast place.  It was amazing.

But something really cool happened on the ferry ride over.  You see, Mike and I had just begun our relationship.  I don’t know how much you all know about this, but we started dating on March 19, 2009.  Less than a month later, Mike moved to Pennsylvania to take a job, leaving me in North Carolina to wish that we were still frolicking around on beaches and eating at Kate’s Pancake House.

His birthday is in May, and I thought, “Why not take advantage of the artsy community and get him a painting?”  But I wanted it to be a very special–particular to something he would love.  So I began commissioning.





The vehicles on the boat--I believe one of which is Doug's. Verify?

We wandered around–relatively aimlessly–and made friends with lots of people on the boat.  Jenny made friends with the dogs, people made friends with us b/c we had a ton of beer.  We even made friends with a pirate.  But there was an artist on the boat, and his name is Douglas Hoover.

I don’t quite remember how it happened.  All I remember is that we shared a Yuengling with him, and somehow we got to talking.  I told him I wanted a painting for my boyfriend.  I hadn’t intended on being the subject of the painting, but Doug took some pictures.  He said that he had a lot going on, and that he may not necessarily be able to get to anything right away, but that he would call if he could find a way to do it.  We exchanged phone numbers.  He thank us for the beer.  And all I could hope was that I would hear from him again.




The Kids of the Cabin

So we went on the rest of our trip, and we had a blast.  Random barbecues with folks we’d never see again, exploration, shopping, horse graves.  It was freaking fun.  I drank two-liters of Diet Mountain Dew, and considered a hemp sweatshirt, which Jenny thankfully talked me out of.

And then we made it back to Wilmington, and there were thesis readings to go to, classes to teach, final pieces to turn in.

Mike’s birthday came and went, but you can imagine my surprise when Doug called me that summer and told me that he’d finished my painting.  He emailed me files of it, and I fell in love.  Completely in love.  He was nice enough to send two prints of it (one at my parents’ house, and one at Mike’s currently).

And now I am going to buy the actual painting!  I am so flippin’ excited.


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