What Men Should Wear Above the Waist

14 Mar

Ladies–have you ever been walking through a store, or a sprint car race, or your neighborhood, and seen a man wearing exactly what makes you look at him and say, “Wow, now that’s a man”?

I have.  A lot.  And I’m not even sure it’s about, “Yeah, that’s a man,” so much as it really shows that the man knows who he is.  So without further ado, here are the clothes that men wear above the waist that make me turn to look twice (below the waist–jeans, you pervs–will be discussed in tomorrow’s blog):

The Carhartt Boy

Gimme a Carhartt, any Carhartt.  A man who wears a Carhartt is a headturner–most of the time.  To me, the Carhartt suggests a willingness to go out and work, to do hard labor, to bare those blue collar roots.  Rawr. These are your farmers (we all know how I feel about farmers).  These are the men who work with the earth, who bring forth crops, who stock the deep freeze with venison.  And then they’ll change the oil in your car before dinner.  🙂








The Best Man

I dare you to try to resist a man in a tux.  It’s darn near impossiblebecause even the scummiest of men get better when they put on a tux.  Maybe it’s the male camaraderie or the way they stand a little taller, a little straighter.  It’s good to know that even the roughest and tumbliest of men can clean up for the right occasion.  Not to mention, once they start dancing, they look ultra good because the jacket comes off.










The Brawny Man

He’s kinda like the Carthartt guy, but he’s tough enough to not need a coat.  There’s something woodsy and welcoming about flannel, especially flannel against a rock hard chest.  This is the guy who will protect you against bears and mayflies, the guy who’d just pick you up and throw you over his shoulder to cross a river.  This is the guy who you trust completely to make a fire out of nothing, and to build you a lean-to.  This is who the Hatchet kid would grow up to be.









The Plain White T-Shirt Guy

Maybe it’s because the white t-shirt is an undergarment, or maybe it’s because it just fits so darn (I gave up cussing for Lent) well, but Plain White T-Shirt Guy is good under any circumstances.  Think about it–whether it’s the deep-V shirt with a nice, stylish pair of jeans, or a white t-shirt stained with oil from working under a car and paired with carpenter jeans, well by golly I just can’t think of anything better.  You can dress it up, you can dress it down, and you simply can’t go wrong–unless it’s got those funky yellow pit stains.  Watch out for that, guys.









Backwards Hat Guy

Oh Backwards Hat Guy, you make my heart melt.  Probably because you’re playful and manly all at the same time.  It’s cute when you get all excited about sports, and it’s cuter when you have a dimple in your chin like the guy to the left.  Rawr to you, as well.  Backwards Hat Guy is usually Plain White T-Shirt Guy, in case you were wondering.

PS, I think hat hair is kinda cute.

Those are my Top 5.  Maybe I’ll add as I figure this out.  What do you like to see on a man?


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