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Bucket List: 20 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Seeing as I’m only 25 (26 in less than a month 😐 ), I’m sure that my Bucket List will change.  Heck, it has already from the time that I was younger.  At one point, skydiving was on there (which I have accomplished–the day before my 22nd birthday!)

But as of right now, this is where we stand:

1)  Have a family–Husband, 2 kids, a dog, and a big farmhouse (this is the #1 goal)

2)  Visit Australia

3)  Hike part of the Appalachian Trail (check out my friend Visha’s page!)

4)  Tornado chase for a storm season in Oklahoma and Kansas

5)  Publish my book (although this can only be done once everyone I know in Fremont is gone)

6)  Meet.  Bill.  Paxton.

7)  Take a boat ride (big boat, think Titanic) across the Atlantic

8)  Be taken on stage during a Bon Jovi concert to the song “Bed of Roses”

9)  Paint at least one painting I’m proud of (this will take some work, as I am horrible with painting)

10)  Have a building/structure/parking lot/something! named after me

11)  Build something, start to finish, with my own hands.

12)  Own a Slow Loris–effective immediately.

13)  Pick up the tab for a big group dinner–my group or someone else’s

14)  Buy a round for the entire bar

15)  Stand on a balcony and speak to a lover (you, Mike!) below

16)  Go on an adventure with a dog

17)  Teach Creative Writing at least one more time

18)  Learn to speak fluent Spanish

19)  Attend a Royal Event

20)  Learn to play the banjo

What’s your on your Bucket List?


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