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Crap That Annoys Me

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Kesha tiny parking spots               skinny jeans cats             forgetting my rose salve at home                people who talk about things they know no one cares about

politics                men who won’t dance                 peeling eyelids crap cars with good sound systems         faux hawks                Lady GaGa

cheap jewelry turning you green               people who preach against casual drinking          dieters who eat like crap

folks who think country people are idiots                 men who won’t grow up when my windshield wipers won’t touch the glass

winter in April                          getting older                        grocery shopping being thirsty and having to pee             dentists                       bad skin as an adult                        

nets around trampolines out-of-date laws                       broccoli stems                 steam burns               cooking bacon

mosquito bites                      shells in eggs                        paying for parking packing           MONEY jars that won’t open

expiration dates               running out of painkillers                      rubberneckers                 being hungry

having to blow in Nintendo games                       getting beat by a computer                 cold sweats pajamas at Wal-Mart

skanky 8-year-olds                  people who hog the sidewalk people who wear animal sweatshirts

texting “ok” not answering the phone and then calling right back                             people who talk on cell phones in public bathrooms

the squeaky cart at the grocery store

the price of gumball machines snot-nosed kids whose parents won’t just wipe their noses

when I miss plucking ONE eyebrow                   finding out I just overpaid


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