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Like the Wind

Through woods and mountain passes
The winds, like anthems, roll.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Let me first start by saying that my prayers go out to all those in the south who were affected by the tornadoes…  I do not love what the wind has done to you.

I love weather.  I love rain, I love sun, I love snow.  I love it all.  But my favorite has to be the wind.  It reminds me that I’m alive, and that things aren’t stagnant.  Even if it’s a cold cold wind in the middle of winter, it still makes you hyper aware of your body.

But my favorite is the strong wind before a storm.  When the trees are bending and the grass is moving and leaves are flying.  Wind touches everything, unbiased, and it creates movement.  It pulls your clothes around you, and pulls them away.  It’s really kinda sexy!

I have fond memories of the wind.  On the beach in North Carolina before a tropical storm hit, standing on a railroad tie on my grandfather’s hill right out near the carry-out watching a storm front come across the field. Riding my bike on the intercoastal bike trail by myself, just fighting the wind.  Standing in my front yard in NC in a maxi dress, right before Mike left, kissing him while the wind blew the dress around us, drawing us together.

And isn’t it just cool that the wind can howl, and make its way through the smallest spaces?  Dangit I love wind!

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