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The Horror Film That Is My Face

Here is a list of the insane things I did yesterday and today.  See if you can guess why.

1)  I wanted to call off work.

2)  I wore my glasses all day, and all today, and they’re still on.  NOTE:  I never wear my glasses, even though they are prescription.  I am supposed to wear them for driving (which I do not), for seeing far away (which I do not), and when I am staring at a computer screen too long (which I do not).

3)  Burned my face with a heating pack covered in a wet washrag.

4)  Gooped toothpaste on my face.

5)  Also gooped peppermint foot scrub on my face.

6)  Washed my face 6 times, with a 5-step Clinique system.

7)  Wouldn’t take the trash out because someone might see me.

8)  Pulled my bangs down over my face.

9)  Stuck a band-aid on my face.

10)  Heated up a needle, then did NOT stick it through my face (like I wanted to).

11)  Stuck an icepack on my face.

12)  Prayed to Jesus to please fix my face.

13)  Gooped Neosporin on my face.

14)  Fell asleep with an icepack on my face.

15)  Woke up and washed my face again (see #6).

16)  Angrily slapped my glasses back on my face.

17)  Put my concealer in my purse and went to work.

So it’s your guess.  What’s wrong with me?  No, it’s not OCD, or a lack of good judgment.  No I didn’t fall into a pile of manure.

I’LL TELL YOU!  I’m 26 and I have the WORST break-out of my freaking LIFE going on right where my glasses rest.  So thank God I have them, because otherwise, I would have had to call off work, out of the pure fear that my face would scare the folks I work with.  There is no picture in this post, so that I might spare you of the horror film that is my face.

I am aware that if this is my biggest problem, I should be mighty thankful.  And I am.  Today I am just cranky, and wanted to complain.  🙂  I’ll bring you something funny tomorrow…although I do believe some of the stuff I gooped on my face is pretty funny.

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