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To the Prairies of Kansas…

My good traveling friend Erica asked me where in the world I have always wanted to travel to.  The truth is that the world seems a little big for me right now.  Sure, I can say I want to see Ireland, and Rome someday.  And that going to the Czech Republic would be a great way to see where I came from.  But the truth is that there are so many things in my own country that I would like to see.  So many states I’d like to visit.  So many American landmarks I want to go to.

I mean, I’m going to Wilmington soon, but only because I’ve lived there.  I wouldn’t go there on a whim or anything.  And I love Ohio.  LOVE Ohio.  I think that I would like to spend some time in southern Ohio, particularly Marietta, where there’s what I like to call “river culture.”  People who live by rivers, people who make use of that river, work with it, understand it.  I live by the Sandusky River, but it’s a far cry from something like the Ohio River.

I’ve always felt drawn to the prairies of Kansas, even though I’ve never laid eyes on them.  I’ve talked about how the open skies and fields of tall grass would make me feel before.  I just think that I would fit there.  I would fit in the bright dry weather, the humidity before a storm, the tornadoes.  I just need to see it for myself.

The Grand Canyon.  Alaska, The Badlands, deserts, the oil fields of Odessa.  I want to see them all.  I’m fine with not venturing out of my own country until I see all that there is to see.

That is not to say that I did not go to Canada when I turned 19 to drink in a bar for the first time.  Oh Canada!


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