1990’s Nostalgia – Pete & Pete

02 Jun

Pete & Pete!  A show born before its time.  From 1993-1996, episodes of Pete and Pete appeared on Nickelodeon.  The monotone narration, the absurdity, everything.  It came out before this type of show could be appreciated, and disappeared before it could really gain a cult following.

For cripe’s sake, it would probably be banned from television (or at least children’s networks).  Little Pete had a tattoo on his forearm!  A woman named Petunia that would dance when he twisted his arm.  Mom had a plate in her head.  And then there was Artie, the strongest man…IN THE WORLD!  The odd relationship between Ellen and Big Pete, and who could forget tiny Michelle Trachtenberg as Nona, the girl with the extensive pet cemetery.

And who hasn’t had an enemy like Pit Stain?  Come on, I know you remember Pit Stain.



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2 responses to “1990’s Nostalgia – Pete & Pete

  1. Lindsay

    June 3, 2011 at 12:14 am

    So many great things that have gone from us. I remember this show, and many others that were so different from a lot of the things that kids these days watch. . . and now I want to watch Angery Beavers, Invader Zim and some Rugrats in the worst way


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