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Lovin’, Touchin’, Baby Squeezin’

I did a fair share of baby squeezing at Mike’s sister’s graduation party this weekend.  Grady, Brennan, Carter, and loads and loads of toddlers.

And they’re all so stinkin’ cute, dangit.  SO stinkin’ cute.  There’s just something about holding a little tiny baby to my heart that makes my ovaries glow.

This is baby Brennan about 4 months ago:

Don’t you just wanna squeeze him!?  I’m waiting for pictures of Mike and I with Grady.  We took some, family photo style.

Of course holding babies makes me want babies (deja vu?), but at the same time, it also makes me realize how unprepared I am for them.  Minus the fact that I do not have a husband, I also live in a one bedroom apartment, with a multitude of student loans, and a tendency to not want to spend money on anything.  I haven’t been to the grocery store in a month.

They say there’s no perfect time to have a baby.  But I do have a few requirements before I have one.

Before I Have A Baby, I Will…

  1. Have a husband
  2. Live in the same town as him.
  3. Have more than one bedroom in my house
  4. Be less afraid of/hateful toward grocery shopping
  5. Not be afraid to log into my bank account (this began in grad school, when I was poor)
  6. Be more involved in my church (Catholicism tends to scare you into behaving, and guilt you if you screw up.  I love it.)

And Ideally, I will…

  1. Drink less wine
  2. Own a puppy, you know, to practice
  3. Have my parents living a little bit closer so I don’t have to pay for daycare
  4. Have a big old farmhouse with a lot of land so that my babies can grow up with summer feet
  5. Be able to fly my kids all over the country to see the awesome people I’ve met along the way

There is far more to this.  But for now, this will do.  So go do some lovin’, touchin’, and baby squeezin’.  You owe it to yourself!


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