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UPDATED: F*ck Technology – My Own Stupidity

***Update***  I type to you from my brand new computer!  $484 later…which is okay for what I got.  4G ram, 500G hard drive.  🙂  And a bunch of other things that the tech guys at work mentioned (something about i3?).  Anyway, I wanna thank Mike, that darling boyfriend of mine, for researching computers all last night and telling me what was the best deal and the best technology, for listening to my whine, for telling me that it will be okay, and that I will not die without a computer for one day.  And thanks to Tom, our IT wizard who is no doubt right now trying to save the photos from my old laptop.  And to Matt for his (somewhat unhelpful) input.  To Dustin, for riding with me to get the computer, telling me not to waste my time on the Geek Squad (I do work at a computer place, after all), and for answering my panicked questions about Google Chrome.  I have incredible friends.

Why do I feel like I just gave a speech for receiving an award?




Kidding.  I love technology.  But I hate how damn fragile it is.

I spilled my water on my laptop last night.  I am without a computer at home.  And without cable.  So I’m reading mostly, and staring at walls.

Tonight, I am going to buy a new computer.

Just thought you’d like to know that I’m an idiot.  And that I’m angry.



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