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Where Have All The Real Men Gone (Jarvis Slacks edition)

First of all, I want to say that this is one of my favorite topics to write about.  What does make a real man?  Well, my friend Jarvis (I urge you to visit his blog–enlightening on MANY levels) addressed this today, and I desperately wanted to share his post concerning this entitled “The End of ‘Real Men'” and see what you thought about it.

“I asked her what constituted a “Real Man” and she gave me a run down. Good with his hands. Liked to get dirty. Could fix a car. Could cut the grass. Who liked good music. Who knew how to cook. Who didn’t mind playing with kids. Who had a truck. Who never got on the internet. And who was great in bed. This was her definition. Her real man had to be, for the most part, a pretty perfect human specimen.”

I think he makes some good points.  Men and women’s perception is so different…  I kind of do wish there were more clearly defined gender roles, though.  But that’s a different post (or an old post?) for (from?) a different time.


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