4th of July Traditions

29 Jun

Sparklers.  Red White and Blue cookies.  Baseball.  Swimming.  Fireworks.

Lighting your cousin’s pine tree on fire with an intricate system of trash found around the yard and burning sparkler embers…

Whatever your tradition is, GO CELEBRATE!  July 4th is my favorite holiday.  You don’t have to get anyone a present.  You don’t have to stuff bread crumbs up a bird butt.  The food is good and simple, and smells like charcoal.  And you get to drink beer and play with fire.  What else could you want from a holiday?!

My family always got together on the 4th of July at Aunt Mary Lynn and Uncle Todd’s house.  Our parents drank and cooked.  And when it got dark, each father held a blowtorch to light our sparklers, and to set off bigger fireworks in the street.  And all the while, my cousins and I gathered shreds of paper from the yard, dry grass, and anything that looked like it might catch fire, and we built a pile under a tree and lit it on fire with our sparklers.  The tree caught fire.  It was saved.  🙂

I’ve spent 4th of July in a lot of different places.  Ex-boyfriends’ driveways, West Virginia to 4-wheel in the mountains, East Harbor with a friend from college, to Jimmy Bukket’s in Fremont.  But this year, Mike and I are going to spend the holiday weekend in Wilmington, where the fireworks go off over a river, and where our friends will get all liquored up with us, and where we can get all romantic and mushy about where we first met.  🙂

What are your 4th of July traditions?


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3 responses to “4th of July Traditions

  1. globallygrounded

    June 29, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    Usually (back when I was a kid), we would head up to the “Mudcats Stadium” for a game of baseball. After the game was over – which there was always a game on 4th of July night – there would be a big firework show to follow!

  2. Tim

    June 29, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    Sounds like a great time Erica…Tell Mike I said hi and you two have a great and safe trip…me this year I’ll be in Green Springs listening to The Menus and drinking Beer!

  3. Nick Wobser

    June 29, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    At least your brother didnt shoot you in the eye with a roman candle…lol. Have a safe trip, I will also be watchin em on the beach probably getting sunburned again


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