Roseanne Tweeted Me!: Life Complete

28 Jul

Let’s just get to the point here.  I was tweeted from Roseanne’s twitter account.  It was not Roseanne, however, it was her boyfriend Johnny.  But this makes it no less exciting!  Here is the conversation:

Roseanne Barr
TheRealRoseanneRoseanne Barr
This is the real Johnny taking over for @therealroseanne while Big Mama takes a nap – what’s going on everybody?? #roseannesnuts
Erica Brindley
HootyLouErica B*******
@TheRealRoseanne Lovin’ the show. You are hilarious Johnny! #roseannesnuts
Roseanne Barr
TheRealRoseanneRoseanne Barr
@HootyLou Hooty….You have great taste in old reality show wiseasses! thank you!! @therealroseanne #roseannesnuts
Erica Brindley
HootyLouErica B*******
@TheRealRoseanne Thank you! I love her. So glad to see her back on TV. I aspire to be a #domesticgoddess!
Erica Brindley
HootyLouErica B********
Now that my life is complete and @TheRealRoseanne tweeted me, I’m going to bed full of wine and happiness.
Roseanne Barr
TheRealRoseanneRoseanne Barr
@HootyLou That’s a good way to go to bed, Hooty! See you next show. Sweet dreams! – Johnny @therealroseanne #roseannesnuts
Seriously, what else is there left to do in life, now?  🙂  Just kidding.  But I was ecstatic!!!  I love Roseanne.  I seriously missed her on TV, ever since the Roseanne sitcom went off the air in 1997.  I’ve talked about how that show truly hit home with me, and I’ve been having conversations with friends lately about how it’s the only show I remember that actually depicted true American life in a real way.  Roseanne is awesome.

And now she’s back on TV!  Roseanne’s Nuts is about Roseanne’s life now as a macadamia nut farmer in Hawaii.  And it is HILARIOUS.   I am so glad that she’s back on television and acting as loopy as ever.  She always talked about how she modeled the Roseanne sitcom after her own life and her own family, and Roseanne’s Nuts is giving people a look into that real family.  I’m super excited.

And Johnny tweeted me while Big Mama was sleeping!!!!

Gah, what a good day.

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    July 29, 2011 at 10:42 am



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