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Okay, I admit it–I’m kind of GLEEky.

I like Glee.  Alright?  I admit it.  I watch the damn show.  I love it.  It makes me cry.

But now, oh now with this “Glee Project” show that has been on (and has finally ended in the most favorable way I could imagine), I am no longer able to hide my excitement.

My two favorites (from the very beginning, mind you) will be appearing on Glee next season!

Samuel Larsen and Damien McGinty are my super favorites.  I love them!  And I am super excited to see them on Glee this season.

Mostly because of Damian’s adorable Irish accent, and my undeniable desire for a man with dreads (sp?).  Remember Jason Castro from American Idol?  Yeah–definitely had a thing for him, too.

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Guilt-Free Three: Friday Night Lights Edition

So I’ve been watching Friday Night Lights, which means inevitably that I’ve had to rethink my Guilt-Free Three.  But it’s going to be really hard to kick Geoff Stults out–so I’m just going to do a Friday Night Lights Edition of my Guilt-Free Three.

#1 – Kyle Chandler aka Coach Eric Taylor.  Maybe it’s the accent, maybe it’s the sultry eyes, maybe it’s his love of football.  Mostly, though, I think it’s his jawline and his gritted teeth.  Oh, and his calves.









#2 – Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins.  It’s the hair.  I go all weak-kneed for a boy with long hair.  Especially a boy who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the world, and who surprises you when you need him the most.  Oh, and it might be the abs, too.






#3 – Derek Phillips aka Billy Riggins.  So I’m double-dipping into the Riggins family.  Sue me.  Older brother who takes care of his younger brother.  Check.  Has that boy in the fields look to him.  Check Check.  Does whatever he can for his family.  Check Check Check.  Oh, and he’s always got stubble.  🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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Follow-Up on the Piercing

Here ya be!

  Too busy for much else today.  Cheers!

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Today, I am piercing this…


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Is Our Love of Technology Affecting Our Ability to Commit to Relationships?

Holy farking long title.

I committed to it.  So I let it go on and on and on.  Rawr.  Horrible joke.

Okay, so here’s what I know.  Divorce rates are up.  You’d think that with all the crazy things happening, with the war, with everything that we’d be more apt to stand by our men (or women, or whatever).  But they’re not.  And even marriage rates are down.

I know that a lot of this is probably due to the fact that no one can afford to get married.  Hell, I’m thinking of getting a divorce when my kids go to college just so I can get more financial aid for them.  I mean, I’ll still live with and love my husband, but we’ll have to get him a different “address” and pretend we hate each other.  Shut up.  We’re doing it for the kids.

But I honestly believe that people nowadays have a fear of commitment.  And while there are plenty of things to blame this on, in this moment, I choose to blame it on technology.  We are living in an age that signing a two-year contact with a phone company scares the bejeezus out of us.  As soon as a new iPhone comes out, we’re dying to get rid of our old one.  And if we’ve had our laptops/computers for more than a year and a half, we’re already 8 upgrades behind and Windows/Mac is onto a whole new system.  It’s freaking hard to keep up–no doubt.  And sometimes we hold off from buying new technology because we think, “Meh, the next one will be less buggy and certainly better.  And it will probably be here in 3 months!  I can wait three months…”

Not to mention that technology is making everything readily available.  So as soon as we want something, we get it, right?

Now let’s put this into perspective here in terms of relationships.  Say you’re dating a chick.  She’s hot, has good hair, makes you laugh, watches the football game with you, and bakes a mean apple pie.  But her feet are always cold and she insists on warming them on you in the middle of the night, and then there’s this thing she does when she’s eating that you just can’t stand.    Automatically, you think, “Oh, there’ll be a better version somewhere along the line here,” or, “If I could upgrade her…”

We’re so used to trading in devices because of features we don’t like or expectations that fall short that we’re doing it with people, too!  Technology saturates every part of our lives.  1/4 of relationships (or something like that) now start online.  Even dating is different because of technology.  I just wonder if our love of technology is affecting our ability to love a person–for longer than until the next “big thing” comes around…


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Jumping on the Bandwagon

When something big happens, we all want to be involved.  Even if it’s something unfortunate.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It is this desire to be involved that spawns compassion among human beings.  It’s because we can imagine what it would be like if it HAD happened to us.  So we reach out.

I am lucky enough to have never been in danger because of the weather.  I’ve never seen a tornado, been in a hurricane, or felt an earthquake.  I’ve never suffered through a tsunami or ran from an exploding volcano.  I just haven’t.  I like to think that I live in one of the safest areas in the world.  I live in the United States.  Safety #1.  I also live in northern Ohio.  So no hurricanes, no fault lines, no tsunamis, and rarely a tornado.

I am lucky.

But here’s the thing:  I’ve always wanted to see a tornado–just not have to worry about it harming anyone or anything.

And when I lived in North Carolina, I so badly wanted to experience a hurricane.  Not a horrible one–just a hurricane.  I wanted to see the rain and watch the trees bend, listen to the wind howl and hear the windows shake.

And when the earthquake hit yesterday, I wanted to feel it something fierce.  But I didn’t.

I want to experience these types of weather–I just don’t want to deal with any of the negative effects.  I’m stuck somewhere in this thinking that this makes me a bad person.  I want to see these things that ruin people’s lives.  But I don’t want them to ruin people’s lives.  And I certainly don’t want to be in danger either.

I just want to see it, you know?  Bah.


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What I Learned from Watching Children Fight in the Grass

What I saw on last night’s run:


On a late summer afternoon, the grass sways lazily in Autumn’s approaching breath.  The sun is still warm and cutting slants through the trees, and jets move silently through the sky, leaving white trails that spread out and disappear into clouds.  A cardinal is chirping in a nearby tree, the smell of grilled hamburgers is in the air, and the sounds of children laughing in backyards while they throw grass at one another bounces off the houses. 

In the front yard of a white house with blue shutters, four children sit in a circle in the grass.  They are only four or five years old, and there are three boys and one little girl.  All of the boys are shirtless and wearing “play” shorts.  The little girl is in a blue and white sailor dress, her hair mussed on one side, her cheeks rosey.  They all laugh. 

Then one boy tackles another.  They play fight, roll in the grass.  The other boy jumps in on the fight.  They growl.  The girl twirls a piece of grass in between her fingers and watches intently as they begin to tumble into a shallow ditch near the yard.  She hesitates, inches forward and settles back down, then moves forward again and tickles the feet of the boy at the bottom of the pile.

One of the other boys gets up, runs around the girl and plops himself in front of her, blocking her from the boy’s feet.  She smiles, leans back and crosses her arms.  

The cardinal continues to chirp.

The boys continue to fight.

And the girl has gotten her first lesson in dating.


Oddly enough, I saw this in only a matter of seconds as I ran past the house.  It just seemed so clear to me that it encompassed everything about the way boys and girls interact.  The girl wants to play like the boys, but they’ve already singled her out as different.  She likes the one who doesn’t want anything to do with her.  And the boy that does like her?  The one who can’t stand the fact that she’s tickling somebody else’s feet, well, she wants nothing to do with him.

It’s no wonder that so many love lives are full of turmoil or difficulty.

We’re all lucky to find that guy whose feet we want to tickle, and who actually wants us to.




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Glowing Ovaries

Yeah yeah yeah.  I know.  You’re tired of hearing about my ovaries.  And my baby-wanting.

I met my cousin’s baby Jax Liam this weekend.  And boy is he freaking cute?  I can’t really say much beyond that.  I just love him so so so so much!  But instead of yapping to you about how my ovaries are glowing immensely, I will just show you pictures of Jax, so that your ovaries (or testes?) might glow, too.  I fully believe that testes are capable of glowing–especially after seeing someone as cute as Jax.

Are you ready for this?

Jax and Mommy

Oh hi Jax.

Brand Spankin' New

Glow glow glow, ovaries. Glow.

Jax and Mike

Jax and me!


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Know what makes a good Friday?

Knowing your darling Momma is watching Friday Night Lights in your apartment, and cleaning up as she goes.

Having lunch with your darling Momma.

Going to a Browns game tonight with your darling Momma.

Seeing your boyfriend later on tonight.

Going home to Fremont.

And seeing a brand new baby boy named Jax.

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Why I Don’t Vote – On This Day in 1920…

Women were granted the right to vote.   I’m about to lose about half or more of my followers on this, but I do not vote.


Plenty of reasons:

  1. I hate politics.  I know I am affected by them, but I do not want to think about it.
  2. None of the issues seem to directly affect me.  Say you’re going to take my student loans away and I’ll vote for you.
  3. I think it is utterly boring to read about what all of the politicians have to say.
  4. They come on during my favorite shows.
  5. The entire country gets all flustered when it comes time to do this whole voting thing.
  6. People turn against each other.
  7. We have to define ourselves to a political party.
  8. And when it comes down to it, our votes don’t make that much of a difference anyway.  Electoral College what?

And the #1 reason I don’t vote is very practical:  If I do not care enough to be informed, then I cannot make an informed decision, and if, in a rare instance my vote actually counts for something, I may not make the best choice.

So I’m doing you all a favor.  Your welcome.



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