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Working On the Line – Why Whirlpool Was Like High School

There was a bell early in the morning that told you when to start working.

There was a bell between each rotation (period).

The lunch period was 18 minutes–and not long enough.

You couldn’t smoke.

There were “cliques” among lines.

People knew your parents, because most likely your parents or someone in your family worked there.

Affairs were had there.

Flirting and anger ensued.

You had your favorite “rotations” or classes.

You fought to work next to people who you could tolerate (kind of like sitting by your besty in class).

People talked about each other.

You goofed off and sneaked food when you weren’t supposed to have it.

You went to the bathroom just for a break…

But you had to ask┬áto go to the bathroom because you couldn’t just walk off the line.

Your bosses are like teachers, so you tried to look busy.

People “graduated” by retiring, or moving to a different line.


You had the top of the class that could do the work.

You had stoners.

You had jocks.

You had ’em all.

And most of all, you couldn’t wait for the end of the day.

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