Is Our Love of Technology Affecting Our Ability to Commit to Relationships?

25 Aug

Holy farking long title.

I committed to it.  So I let it go on and on and on.  Rawr.  Horrible joke.

Okay, so here’s what I know.  Divorce rates are up.  You’d think that with all the crazy things happening, with the war, with everything that we’d be more apt to stand by our men (or women, or whatever).  But they’re not.  And even marriage rates are down.

I know that a lot of this is probably due to the fact that no one can afford to get married.  Hell, I’m thinking of getting a divorce when my kids go to college just so I can get more financial aid for them.  I mean, I’ll still live with and love my husband, but we’ll have to get him a different “address” and pretend we hate each other.  Shut up.  We’re doing it for the kids.

But I honestly believe that people nowadays have a fear of commitment.  And while there are plenty of things to blame this on, in this moment, I choose to blame it on technology.  We are living in an age that signing a two-year contact with a phone company scares the bejeezus out of us.  As soon as a new iPhone comes out, we’re dying to get rid of our old one.  And if we’ve had our laptops/computers for more than a year and a half, we’re already 8 upgrades behind and Windows/Mac is onto a whole new system.  It’s freaking hard to keep up–no doubt.  And sometimes we hold off from buying new technology because we think, “Meh, the next one will be less buggy and certainly better.  And it will probably be here in 3 months!  I can wait three months…”

Not to mention that technology is making everything readily available.  So as soon as we want something, we get it, right?

Now let’s put this into perspective here in terms of relationships.  Say you’re dating a chick.  She’s hot, has good hair, makes you laugh, watches the football game with you, and bakes a mean apple pie.  But her feet are always cold and she insists on warming them on you in the middle of the night, and then there’s this thing she does when she’s eating that you just can’t stand.    Automatically, you think, “Oh, there’ll be a better version somewhere along the line here,” or, “If I could upgrade her…”

We’re so used to trading in devices because of features we don’t like or expectations that fall short that we’re doing it with people, too!  Technology saturates every part of our lives.  1/4 of relationships (or something like that) now start online.  Even dating is different because of technology.  I just wonder if our love of technology is affecting our ability to love a person–for longer than until the next “big thing” comes around…


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2 responses to “Is Our Love of Technology Affecting Our Ability to Commit to Relationships?

  1. Tim

    August 25, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    Holy Moly Cow!!!! You could be on to something 🙂

  2. Jerry Pope

    August 26, 2011 at 6:21 am

    Nice thesis! I agree and love the part about upgrading our significant other. Also, due to the growing population, statistically speaking it’s certain that there will always be someone better than the one you’re with. It must be difficult for beautiful, extroverted people to settle down.


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