The Proper Drinking Age – According to Me

22 Sep

Another Matt-themed question for the week.  This one is actually something I feel pretty strongly about.

What is the proper age to begin drinking?

Well, I say 16.  Now hear me out.  At 16 years old, kids start to think that they’re adults.  They start to think that because they can drive, that they can do other adult things–like drink alcohol.

I think they’re right, with some very necessary stipulations:

  1. The first time kids drink, and really until college, I think kids should drink in the presence of their parents or trusted adults.  The purpose of this is to learn their limits, particularly before they go to college and lack supervision.  For instance, I knew that three beers made me silly when I was 16 because I’d drink them at family gatherings.  I knew that I could handle about 2 mixed drinks, and I hated wine.  I learned what it felt like to be tipsy, and what it felt like to be drunk, and because of this, I knew when to stop at college.
  2. If parents let kids drink, it immediately takes the excitement away from underage drinking.  Part of what is so alluring about it is the fact that you’re not supposed to do it.  And when your parents give you the go ahead, it loses some of its luster, thus creating less situations where “being a badass” leads to “blacked out and pregnant.”
  3. We should let kids drink and learn their limits early on, too, because guess what, they’re going to do it one way or another.
  4. And if we start them at 16, they’ll have approximately two years to try every type of alcohol they can (in front of their parents) and to learn how they respond to all of it.  It’s a learning experience.

Alcohol can make anyone dumb, but often that idiocy is brought on by lack of experience and an ignorance of limits.  Let kids learn before they head out into the world alone.


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2 responses to “The Proper Drinking Age – According to Me

  1. Tim

    September 22, 2011 at 12:57 pm

    I would agree with you Erica…One thing in Ohio that not a lot of people know. It is legal for a parent (Parent Only) to serve their (again..their) child alcohol…even in a bar. While in a bar/restaurant though this is up to the owner or management..but legal. I also know that kids drink weather we want them to or not. Also this creates a criminal offence which some states are no considering lowering the drinking laws back not to create this act a criminal offense. In addition they want the extra tax revenue and then use that to help treat alcohol related issues.

    You are right that kids are going to drink…we always did. You are also correct in the fact that it lets them know their limitation before going out on their own…i just don’t think they will care what their limits are….to an extent.

  2. Jerry Pope

    September 22, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    The fun is not just in drinking, but drinking with your buds without your parents there to harsh your buzz. I can’t even imagine drinking with my parents. Part of learning to walk is falling down. While your parents do teach you to walk, there comes a time when you need to teach yourself. Parents “baby” their kids too much as it is.


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