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I Have a Buying Problem

It’s true.  I’m a saver–uber thrifty even.  I don’t have cable.  I don’t turn on the heat in my house.  I’ve been pouring straight water on my cereal (which I need to buy more of because I’m down to three or four corn flakes).

But my gas bill this month was only $22.  And my electric?  $14.  Which is how I am justifying my following actions:

I bought this purse for an obnoxious amount of money:

Then, I reserved a hotel room in Cincinnati for 11.11.11.

And I got this dress to wear to the event.

I need to stop.  But I justify it because I’m a cheap ass all the time.  Ugh.

In other news, I’m so happy with all of it!

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Halloween Sucks Because We’re Desensitized

Halloween used to be my second favorite holiday…but recently, it’s fallen a bit.  Halloween isn’t as fun when you aren’t surrounded by kids.  That’s why I’m excited to go to Mike’s brother and sister-in-law’s house this weekend to see all their cute little kids in their costumes.  It’s such an exciting time!

Halloween has fallen a bit simply because nothing is shocking anymore.  It used to be about the fear.  I loved the fear.  I loved when watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller would get my heart racing and I’d be afraid to look behind the shower curtain for weeks.  And now when I watch it, I think, “That’s not that scary.”

I know that part of this is because I’ve grown up and a lot of myths have been debunked.  Part of me likes that because as I become more aware of my surroundings, I don’t work myself into a tizzy. But by becoming more aware of my surroundings, I’ve also noticed how terrible reality can be sometimes.

The other reason that I don’t think Thriller is scary anymore is probably because the world has gotten scarier than movies, videos, or TV shows.  The stuff that happens in real life is much scarier than Halloween.  I think that’s sad.  But have a Happy Halloween.  Let the kids enjoy it before they realize how scary the world is.  Nothin’ wrong with a little pranking, either.  🙂

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Gettin’ Crafty Tonight!

I’m not crafty. This is not a secret.  But I saw something on the interwebs that I am dying to try.

I wanna make this sweater.

I don’t just wanna make it–I’ve even been dreaming about it.  I am so excited!  So today, I went and bought a cardigan at the Salvation Army (in case I royally screw up, at least I only lose $1.99).  I wish it was this pretty blue so I could use yellow, but it’s a very pretty purple.

So right after work, I’m going to Pat Catan’s to get the supplies, and tonight, I will pack, watch television, drink wine, and make this sweater.  YAY!

(Sorry for the late post–I was buying ugly Christmas sweaters on my lunch break for our company Christmas card.)



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I’m a Sucker for a Man in…

Aside from the physical features of a man that I find to be the sexiest, there are certain types of clothing that men wear that will also turn my head.  And when I say turn my head, I mean make me reach out and grab a wall for stability.  So today, I salute the White T-shirt.

Paired with jeans, khakis, work pants, whatever.  There’s something about a man in a white t-shirt, and I feel like I’m repeating myself (oh yeah, here it is), but DAMN.  It’s clean, it’s a little clingy in all the right places, and it usually picks up a man’s scent pretty quickly, so if you steal it to sleep in, you’re all set.

I think it’s something about how white t-shirts are easily dirtied, too…so if he’s been working, it’s pretty evident.  (Re-phrased for Jarvis, even though I know this will still offend him.)

They’re simple and classic and wonderful.

I know it’s not much of a post today, but if you can look at Paul Newman in a white t-shirt and tell me your day isn’t a little better, then I’ll make sure to compensate you tomorrow in a much better, more exciting blog post.

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The Requiem Project: Reviving the Emery Theatre

So there’s this project that I’m involved with.  It’s a pretty cool thing, and I think you all should know about it.

It’s called The Requiem Project, and it’s all about reviving the Emery Theatre in Over-the-Rhine Cincinnati and making it a place for the arts.

A few months back, my friend Elyse from high school contacted me about the opportunity to help write and assemble artist statements from all of the partners involved with reviving The Emery.  My role?  Writer and Collector of Stories.  I had the pleasure of communicating with most of the partners involved and hearing about their art, and how they feel about The Emery.  Each and every statement is moving, and I am excited to see them come together.

It’s an incredible endeavor that my new-found friends Tara Lindsey Gordon and Tina Manchise have begun.  They have big dreams and lots of ambition, and they have assembled a dream team of artists.

On 11.11.11, I will be attending The Requiem Project event, all dolled up, and ready to bring the arts back to life in Cincinnati’s most acoustically-sound theatre–The Emery.  I’m really excited about this.  Mike and I just reserved our hotel room and we’re looking forward to exploring Cincinnati and to meeting all of the wonderful people that I’ve been working with over the phone.

Check it out, spread the word, and help out if you can.  This is going to be big.


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Roseanne Roadtrip Recap

It finally happened.  I went and saw the house that the Conner’s lived in on the Roseanne sitcom!  Here the rundown:

Friday, I drove to Ashland and picked up Kay.  Hours driven:  1.  We left Ashland around 6:30pm, and made it to Columbus to visit my good friend Jena and to pick up some ugly Christmas sweaters.  Hours driven:  2

We made it to New Palestine, IN to our friend Barbs’ house around 10:30pm.  Hours driven:  4.  We watched a little Roseanne on TV and went to bed.

Saturday morning, we took off around 10:30am to Evansville, IN.  It was like everything in the world didn’t want us to go there.  We got caught in a traffic jam, we got caught behind a damn tractor that was going 10mph, and we were all riled up.  We made it to Evansville, IN around 2:00pm.  Hours driven:  7.5.

This is where it gets ABSURD.  Evansville is much bigger than we ever anticipated.  We found Roseanne’s house!  We parked the car and got out and took creepy stalker pictures.

IT WAS GLORIOUS!  I was clearly excited.  I didn’t knock, though.  I chickened out.

Before the neighbors started calling the cops, we made our way out of that neighborhood and onto the Lobo Lounge.  If you don’t know, the Lobo Lounge is where Dan and Roseanne drank beers quite often.

So we made our way there…in the middle of a meth neighborhood, where I think Kay and I were both fearing for our lives.  We found it, though!  It’s called Talk of the Town Pizza.

But the truth is that we were kinda scared of the neighborhood.  It was 2:30pm and the place didn’t open until 4pm, so we didn’t get a chance to go inside.  Hours driven:  8.

At this point, we were kind of at loss for words.  We had been in the town all of a half hour and we had nothing else to see.  So we got in our car and drove 3.5 hours back to Barbs’ house.  Hours driven:  11.5.

On the way back, we tried to stop at a bar here or there, but none of them took cards, and we couldn’t find a damn ATM.  When we got back to Barbs’ house, we had some pork roast, drank some drinks, and went to the bar down the road.

In the morning, we got in the car and drove 3.5 hours back to Ashland where I dropped off Kay.  Hours driven:  15.

And then I drove an hour back to my house.  Hours driven:  16.  

In other words, we drove a lot, and saw very little.  BUT IT WAS SO FUN!  🙂  I loved every minute of it.  Thanks Barbs and Rob for letting us stay!



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OMG, the Roseanne Roadtrip starts as SOON as I leave work!  I’m beyond excited.  Seriously.  I might lose my mind.  I’m driving to Ashland to pick up Kay, then stopping in Columbus to snag a Christmas sweater from my good buddy Jena, then off to Indy where we’ll see Barbs’ new house!

In the morning on Saturday, we’re taking off to Evansville, Indiana so that we can see this house:

The Sitcom Promised Land

And we’ll visit the Lobo Lounge (which is now a pizza place) and then jump into Kentucky and Illinois–just for the hell of it.

I’M SO EXCITED.  Off to buy road trip goodies on my lunch break!


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