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Sexy Occupations…for Women?

My friend Chris has brought it to my attention that there “are no sexy female occupations.”  I thought about sexy male occupations:  carpenters, musicians, landscapers, masons, electricians, mechanics.  Does this sound familiar?  It should.  So what characteristics of these jobs make them so sexy?  Here ya go:

  1. Hard work:  Who doesn’t love to see a man at work?  Getting stuff done?
  2. Flexing:  These jobs allow a man to use his muscles.  And it allows me to watch.
  3. Sweating:  I love a man shining with sweat.  Go ahead, take your shirt off.
  4. Harmony between man and his work:  It’s something about how a man can manipulate one thing into another, how he can physically work on something to make it work again.  It’s like they understand the materials they’re working with.
  5. The final product:  Whether it’s a song or a house, a brick wall or a beautifully landscaped yard, something wonderful has been accomplished.  And as beautiful as the process was with all those flexing muscles and sweat, the final product is amazing.
So there’s gotta be an equivalent for women’s occupations, right?  After talking with a few men, (and explaining to them that we were not going to include strippers in this list, although it is a damn sexy occupation), this is the list of characteristics that would make a female occupation sexy according to three men that I interviewed.
  1. Taking care of someone/something:  What’s sexier than showing you care about someone or something?
  2. A flattering “uniform”:  You knew it was going here.
  3. Ambition:  Men like a woman who is going to work for what she wants.
  4. Brains:  It’s not just about the boobs!  They want to have intelligent conversations sometimes, too. (I’m starting to feel very shallow with my reasons for jobs being sexy.)
  5. Talent:  It’s sexy to see a woman who is good at what she does.
So it comes down to this.  Here is the list of sexy female occupations:
  1. Bartenders:  They serve you beer!  And they’re usually dressed kinda sexy.
  2. Athletes (particularly volleyball & soccer):  Driven, ambitious, and talented.
  3. Masseuses:  I almost didn’t let this one in, except that their job is about taking care.
  4. Nurses:  I think a lot of this is the male fantasy of a dirty nurse.  But they do take care of you.
  5. Librarians/Teachers:  Same with this one.  Dirty dirty boys.
  6. Oral Hygienists:  I can’t explain this one.
  7. Mechanic:  Apparently women with tools turns men on as much as men with tools turns women on.
  8. Professionals:  A lady in a business suit with an iPad and an agenda gives off that sexy vibe.
  9. Housewives:  Taking care of house, husband, and children–she does it all.  And if it’s the 1950’s, she still dresses like June Cleaver, which I think we can all agree is super sexy.
Happy Thursday!
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