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Gettin’ Crafty Tonight!

I’m not crafty. This is not a secret.  But I saw something on the interwebs that I am dying to try.

I wanna make this sweater.

I don’t just wanna make it–I’ve even been dreaming about it.  I am so excited!  So today, I went and bought a cardigan at the Salvation Army (in case I royally screw up, at least I only lose $1.99).  I wish it was this pretty blue so I could use yellow, but it’s a very pretty purple.

So right after work, I’m going to Pat Catan’s to get the supplies, and tonight, I will pack, watch television, drink wine, and make this sweater.  YAY!

(Sorry for the late post–I was buying ugly Christmas sweaters on my lunch break for our company Christmas card.)



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