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Should A Woman Take Her Husband’s Last Name?

Yes.  Duh.

Alright–I’ve seen it too much.  I finally have to speak up.  Ladies, why are you putting up such a fight to keep your own last name?  I don’t get it!  When you get married, it’s not like changing your last name to match your husband’s is a “bow down” to him.  It’s not like you’re losing your own personal identity.

Here’s my reasoning as to why women should take their husband’s last name:

1)  It unites you two as a family.  How often have you heard someone’s full name, like, “Oh hey, aren’t you Bob Miller?”  And thought, “Bob Miller, I wonder if he’s Kathryn Miller’s husband…”  (I don’t know a Bob or a Kathryn Miller–all completely made up).  What’s wrong with being identified as a man’s wife?  Not a damn thing!

2)  It keeps it easy on the kids.  Which last name do you give your kid then?  Hm?  Little Johnny goes to school and says, “My mommy and daddy have different last names, and mine’s got a hyphen in it.”

3)  Hyphenating is kind of ridonkulous.  Okay, so Kate Smith marries Joe Miller, and she becomes Kate Smith-Miller, and her children are Smith-Millers.  Judy Smith-Miller, their oldest daughter, falls in love with the dude who grew up down the road from him, who had a similar naming arrangement and whose name is Kyle Chandler-Bing.  So if they follow the rules of their parents, when they get married, Judy becomes Judy Smith-Miller-Chandler-Bing.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  A name could go on for decades!

4)  And just because back in the day, taking your husband’s name meant you were his subordinate does not mean that it’s true today.  It’s just tradition.  So shut up.

5)  Not to mention that it makes it really difficult for people to retrace their ancestry.  REALLY difficult.

P.S.  To men taking their wives’ names…I’m not even opening that can of worms.  I will just ask you to stop it.


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