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A Womanly Challenge?

So last night, I watched Parenthood, got all pouty and drove to the mall.  I bought leather cleaner for my purse (because damnit, I paid enough for it and I’m going to keep it looking gorgeous) and a pumpkin spice latte.  Because I wasn’t quite done with Fall yet.

Then I got home, cleaned my purse, drank a little (read:  a little more than a little) wine, and got on Facebook.  This is where things took a turn.

I asked my Facebook friends to give me a womanly challenge, maybe 10 or so womanly things that I could learn throughout the course of December.  And you all responded with:

  • Shave my legs (something I do on a daily basis 😉 )
  • Make myself dinner without using the microwave
  • Learn to love a vampire (from my Twi-turd cousin, Meghan,  to which I responded, “That’s not womanly, just silly!)
  • Learn to do counted cross stitch or some other form of thread-art / Make an afghan
  • Not just cooking, but BAKING (which I am more excited about
  • Host a dinner party
  • Amish women’s chores:  milk a cow, churn butter, grind flour, stoke an oven, and take care of my 12 children and bearded husband (this may prove to be difficult, but I told Tori that if she can find an Amish who will make me an apprentice for the day, I’m IN.)
  • Quit cursing so much…or forever and then buy a new purse with every dollar I put in a jar for swearing
  • Wear pearls (let’s make this happen, and not in a perverted way)
  • Have an Amish baby (I’m not sure I could let something that grew inside of me go)
  • Be a nanny (for Tori, again 😉 )
  • Babysit in exchange for learning how to field dress a deer …  I would babysit for free, Tor.  😉
  • Burp in a lady-like fashion…  (I tend to belch)
  • Make a baby (As soon as I get hitched, I’m on it, Rach!

There’s plenty I could learn to do.  Maybe I’ll whittle the list down today.

I must say that there were plenty of comments that said, “Just do what you do.”  I’ll take that, but I do wanna learn some womanly tasks.  For the sake of letting everyone’s voice be heard, here was another comment from my friend from work:  “not down playing ur idea here…just playing devil’s advocate for a sec…why not challenge yourself to learn something new that is “manly”. Go sit in the woods in freezing temps and bring home a deer, fix the sink, etc. I mean after all Women are expected to do what ever task is set in front of them….so would that not be womanly?”

I like this idea, and I think that maybe in January, I will learn some of the manly tasks (holy stepping out of my gender role!) that I respect so much in men.


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