The Greedy In Me

09 Jan

It used to be that when I found a brand or a store or a product that I liked, I’d tell everyone about it.  I thought, “I’m helping out the brand/store/product that I love, and I’m making life easier for women around the world!”  Well, my world.

Take, for instance, The Buckle.  When I started wearing clothes from The Buckle, I told everyone about it.  Then I’d get angry when I’d see people sporting my look.

When I chose my theme of clothing for the summer (nautical), I said something about it to a bunch of folks in March.  Then I got pissy when everyone started wearing it.

So now I’ve found a store that I love.  I mean LOVE.  And although I only discovered it in November, I already have two pairs of pants, five sweaters, seven t-shirts, three button downs, a henley, and a jacket from this place.  My mom knows it (because she got many Christmas gifts there) and Mike knows it because I’ve started buying him stuff from there…but I can’t bring myself to tell anyone else about it.  It’s kind of mine…and I don’t want to share it.

It’s the greedy in me.

I also won’t tell people about the products I put in my hair (aside of Dust It by OSiS because it’s SUPER AMAZING and I think everyone should have it) or about the boots I buy from secret website (I’m exaggerating here).

But hey, it’s how I keep my unique going strong till dawn.  😀


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