All the Things I Didn’t Know About Roseanne…

10 Jan

So for Christmas, my momma gave me all 9 seasons of Roseanne.  I was SO excited (even though I found them online and bought them).

This gift came with some surprises though.  For instance, the discs were advertised as new…which they are not.  I found some of them covered with scratches and thick with pot residue.  So that was awesome.

But even the seasons are coming with surprises.  I mean, I had seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 for the longest time.  And in watching season 5, I was blown away by some of it.

  • •  I forgot that Dan went to jail for kicking Fisher’s ass.
  • •  I forgot how big a scene it was when Becky eloped with Mark.
  • •  I forgot how hot Mark was.
  • •  Plus, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they wear some of the same clothes throughout the entire series.

The infamous chicken shirt.

And then season 7…holy cats!

  • •  I forgot Roseanne was pregnant.
  • •  I had no idea that they told her it was a girl.
  • •  I had no idea that Roseanne’s grandma had two abortions.
  • •  Plus no idea that Roseanne was afraid there was something wrong with the baby.
  • •  Never saw the one where DJ acted dumb in class so he wouldn’t have to stand up with a boner.

And I’m still going.  I can’t wait for the rest of 7 and then 8 and 9.  Hopefully my friend Mikey (not to be confused with MY Mike) can run the discs through one of those crazy lil disc cleaner things.



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