Proposal Planners? Are you farking kidding me?

17 Jan

Well, you get two posts today because I just saw this:  There are proposal planners to to help men pop the question.  This almost makes me as mad as hipster marshmallows.

As if paying out the butt for a wedding planner isn’t bad enough (I’ll attack this some other day), now men are to the point where they can’t even plan their own PROPOSALS?!

I blame a combination of the following:

  • Women have beat men into thinking that nothing short of a trip to Paris will do.
  • Men have become completely unoriginal.
  • And if they need a proposal planner because they can’t think of their own unique proposal, they probably don’t want to marry their lady anyway.
  • Women desire to document every thing that happens to them with a camera (which you can do for free)
  • And men’s complete “bewilderment” of romance.

All said combinations of this are stupid.

Paris is silly.  Men are afraid to be original. And ladies, you do NOT need to pay a photographer or have a proposal planner there to document your proposal!  If your man can’t ask one of his friends or your friends to hang slyly by and snap pictures while he pops the question, then he’s an idiot.

And I don’t care if men are bewildered by romance and don’t understand it.  Women don’t need you to act like the men in romance novels–all that matters is that you put a little thought into it.  If Mike proposed to me over a McDonald’s coffee (which is how we first started hanging out) or on a swing set (where we go to feel like kids again) or one of the places where we met in the middle when I was in NC and he was in PA, well hell.  I’d be happy with that.

Ladies, if you said yes to a planned proposal (which cost between $500 and $1200), let me know so I can come there and give you a mohawk before your wedding.  Think about this–that money could have gone toward your engagement ring, your honeymoon, or starting your new life together.



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6 responses to “Proposal Planners? Are you farking kidding me?

  1. connieann

    January 17, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Wow! I had no idea people paid money to have their proposals planned for them. Talk about a serious waste of money. I agree with you, if you’re paying money for someone else to think of your proposal, or you’re a girl who needs an extravant event for what should be the sweetest most emotionally intimate moment of your life to date, you probably shouldn’t be getting engaged in the first place.

  2. tovah11

    January 17, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    I would be insulted on so many levels. However, if my husband had needed someone to plan his proposal, I probably wouldn’t have married him. haha. Ridiculous.

  3. Julie

    January 22, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    I could see someone not liking the idea, but to say that the idea gets you mad shows that YOU have issues. There are professions out there that are actually hurting relationships (strippers, hookers) be MAD at that. IF you don’t like this, move on with your life.

    • erica42285

      January 22, 2012 at 10:27 pm

      It’s merely a blog post, dear. Something I haven’t thought about since I wrote it. I’m happy to have a man who thinks it’s as ridiculous as I do, though, and I honestly believe that if a man can’t put thought into a proposal, he certainly won’t feel he has to put thought into the marriage. It’s an easy way out and a waste of money.

      My only issue is that people can’t do anything for themselves anymore. It makes me sad.


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