Seeing Old Friends

08 Feb

There’s something amazing that happens when you get to see an old friend.  And I don’t mean someone that you just happened to be at a few parties with or you saw in passing–I’m talking about a true friend.  One of those friends that even though you haven’t hung out with them in years, you fall right back into the same conversations and mannerisms.

My friend Chris was in town today and we had the chance to grab lunch on my break.  I met Chris in 2003 during my Freshman year at Ashland University.  He’s the type of friend that buys Rolling Rock and the makings for screwdrivers and then takes you to a frat party in an old house behind two funeral homes.  He’s the type of friend that doesn’t laugh at you when he realizes you can’t dance (I really can’t dance without at least 4 drinks in me).  That same night, he’s the kind of friend that pulls you out of a snowdrift that you drunkenly fell into.  And then when the spring comes, he’s the kind of friend who’ll give you your first Black & Mild on the hill by the Freshman parking lot before the freshman started parking in Samaritan.

And my amazing friend Chris married my amazing friend Aimee, and I wish I could see them both with the frequency that I used to be able to see them.

People in dorms or in college, please don’t ever take for granted that if you’re bored, you can walk across the hall or across campus and just laze around in someone’s room.  Please don’t ever take that for granted.


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Posted by on February 8, 2012 in Daily Happenings


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