Mike Blair & the Stonewalls

13 Feb

I know you’re dying to hear about my Valentine’s Day weekend (har har har), but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I haven’t had a chance to upload the pictures.  But it’ll be quite a saga, don’t you worry.

However, today, I want to introduce to you (maybe reintroduce for some of you?) my friends and a really great band called Mike Blair & the Stonewalls.

When I was living in North Carolina, one of my favorite escapes was to go downtown to 16 Taps and listen to these guys on open mic night.  I don’t know all the new members of the band, but I do know Mike Blair, his sister Sarah Blair, and resident hardass David Graham (yeah, he’s the one in the sunglasses who isn’t smiling).

Sarah Blair, David Graham, Mike Blair, and the ones I don't necessarily know...

I smoked many ‘a cigarettes and drank many ‘a beer listening to them play.  In fact, I’m in a bootleg recording yelling, “God I need that song!”  No, I will not share it with you.  But I can say this about the three members of the band that I do know:  Mike, Sarah, and David were there for me a lot.

For my birthday, they got me coffee and peanut butter cookies because I came to their show.  Mike offered to come over to my creepy house in the hood multiple times when I heard scary stuff going on and the helicopter was looking with a spotlight through my neighborhood.  Sarah was always there for giggling and talking.  And David gave me Slippery When Wet on vinyl before I left.

Not only that, but the band learned to play Mike’s and my song, and they did it for a lot of Mondays in a row when I was missing Mike.  They’re great people, and great musicians.

The point is this:  They.  Are.  Awesome.  They just released an album and you can buy it on iTunes or on Amazon.  It’s WELL worth the $5.  I promise.

And you can always preview the music…but beware, you’ll want it after that.

See the band’s profile at reverbnation and at bandcamp, and like their Facebook page.


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5 responses to “Mike Blair & the Stonewalls

  1. Tim

    February 13, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    I love new music…you inspired me again today 🙂

  2. DrUnsleepable

    February 13, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Well you were right, dash it all. Way to make me miss Carolina
    -La Rue

  3. Jessica Fowler

    February 24, 2012 at 11:52 am

    I love Mike Blair!!!!!!


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